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16 oz Banana Pudding Candle

16 oz Banana Pudding Candle

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Scented in: Butter, Vanilla, Coconut, Maple, Banana, and Citrus

Dessert candles require maintenance and burn differently than regular candles. If your flame is high, blow out candle, trim the wick and re-light the candle. You may need to do this one more time to help train the flame. Allow your candle to burn all the way to the edge of your vessel. These candles are not edible. Keep away from children.

TheNinaTreatment candles are made with high quality ParaSoy wax with a coconut oil blend, eco wicks, and premium fragrance oils.

Glass jars, parasoy wax, eco-friendly wick, dye chips, and premium fragrance oils.
Each candle is carefully hand poured in small batches, color may vary slightly. Each jar is reusable.

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